Looking for a cause to support?

I was blessed to get to know Jessie Doktor, a young casualty of childhood leukemia, before her diagnosis and throughout her 6-year battle with the disease. I followed her through the eyes of her parents via their blog at dok.com on a daily basis. Just before she succumbed, she inspired her mother with a phrase that Jessie thought was appropriate for her attitude to the challenge she faced: “Bright Happy Power” (usually said with an exclamation mark at the end). In honor of Jessie’s memory, and in response to the ongoing needs that Gail Doktor knew firsthand from all those years of camping out at Children’s Hospital in Boston, a non-profit called Bright Happy Power was incorporated to “place hope, happiness and empowerment into the hands of and lives of children facing life-threatening and catastrophic challenge”.

Bright Happy Power (BHP) is actively identifying other programs around the world that are addressing the needs of children with cancer. Through the network of people who maintained a constant awareness of Jessie while she was alive (over 187,000 visitors to the blog as of last week), and the–unfortunately–ever increasing list of people new to the cancer challenge coming into Children’s and the Joslin Center in Boston, BHP is directing funds and materials to those programs. If you have an interest in learning what you can do for children and their parents who are focused on this daily battle, click here and make a few additions to your next trip to the grocery store, Walmart or Target.

Please pass this on, you have people in your address book who are looking for a way to help others. No, I haven’t been looking at your address book, it’s human nature to do good for others. Thanks for anything and everything you do to support Bright Happy Power.

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“There are two primary choices in life:
to accept conditions as they exist, or
accept the responsibility for changing them.”
— Dr. Denis Waitley
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