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Here will reside thoughts, experiences, questions and links about business: my history and those I have crossed paths with.



1. srdill - June 15, 2008

Ever notice how some business models make perfect sense to you and a few others, but the majority of people look at you as if you had two heads? I will tell you of a few of those later, but first, one that everyone seems to get and to be enthusiastic about.

RestaurantsToYou.com is a corporate catering and restaurant delivery service in the Boston, Worcester and Providence metropolitan areas. We partner with over 100 restaurants to bring delicious food to groups. For business or social occasions, most people don’t want to spend a lot of time organizing the food. So we take care of that for them. Our service is particularly helpful for sales reps. If their presentations are received better when they bring food, a simple call to RTY will take care of that in no time.

For some, they want to do the thinking on the menu, but then turn over the ordering and delivery to a pro. That’s where we come in. Our knowledge of portions and menu options help planners of any skill level look like stars.

Now doesn’t that make sense? Everyone eats. Most companies don’t have event planners on staff, and if they do they are working on big events, not lunch for 25 for a meeting that just got scheduled for tomorrow. So Restaurants To You is a great answer to company breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings. And once you learn how good we are at the office, you start using us for that graduation party. Or the birthday party. Or the fundraiser you volunteer for.

Simple business logic: find a need and fill it.

By the way, if you are in the area and you eat in a group occasionally, check out the website and give us a call. 617-500-4494, 508-762-4137, or 401-441-5277.

2. srdill - June 18, 2008

By contrast, another business model that made perfect sense to me, had a unique and compelling upside, hundreds of examples of how to succeed in leaders who wanted to share their experience (i.e. mentors), and tapped into the best form of advertising (word of mouth) turned out to be a huge source of frustration. Amway, then Quixtar, and soon again to be Amway, is the business I refer to. I had been in sales long enough to know that not everyone was going to see the simplicity of affiliate marketing. I knew it would take time to develop leaders, no matter how motivated they were and willing to follow instructions of successful people who had trod the path before them. But my GOD! I had no idea that there were so many people in the world unable to step out of their comfort zone, willing to buy into the job mentality and believe they would be able to retire and live the life of their dreams after working 40 or more years in a job that could barely provide a middle class lifestyle, at best, while they were producing. So many are clueless that they will have to settle for much less once they are no longer employed or employable.

But I found a few, who found one or two. Then I found a warrior, who found many. I did my best to provide a model to follow and provide them access to a super star, who was my mentor. With the exception of the warrior and a few of his team, most lost interest and were easily distracted within months, if not weeks. America has so few who are dreamers, who were raised by dreamers, or who even understand the power of dreams. So the spark that I was able to ignite quickly extinguished and they went back to their comfort zone. When you do anything long enough without seeing the momentum take off, most humans lose interest. Even the warrior lost interest eventually.

So I still promote my site and I have a few customers. I never lost interest, but this is no business to do alone. I would gladly run again; residual income is worth it. But if I do, it will be because someone has come to me, proven to me that they are worth investing in, that they will persevere, that they have a big, big dream.

Until then, the shop is open, but it’s on autopilot.

Stephen Dill - January 21, 2013

To close this topic, I let my membership lapse at the end of 2008. The more I thought about it over the course of that year the less I felt any positive emotion about searching for someone else to invest in. Instead I realized it was time for me to invest in me, all else would come.

And in the years since, nothing has changed in that assessment. It is a lonely business being a business owner. I have been approached numerous times since to be a part of a network marketing company (“You’ll be fantastic at it!”), and each time I have been able to speak with experience: it is not a way for me to find happiness. Period.

3. Alison Gilbert - December 9, 2010

I really like what you wrote about MLMs and I love the two image links you have. The one for your Yelp reviews (I get such a kick out of writing them, too) and the online ID calculator. Now that is fascinating. Posted it to fb and mentioned your site as where I found it. If you do not mind my asking, how do I go about setting up both of these image links on my site. I imagine they are affiliate relationships.
You seem to be quite of source of inspiration and information for me.
Alison Gilbert
‘MarketingBytesMaven.biz aka lady in the hat! Connecting biz and buyers with Inbound Marketing, Social Media, and traditional graphic design.’

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