Stephen Dill

March 2018 Update: Working through The Registry, an agency that provides interim higher ed officers, I accepted a one-year interim role as Special Assistant to the President of Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri, starting April 5, 2018. My job is to get a new brand rolled out, help the campus better understand and embrace marketing, coach the marketing team to a higher level of efficiency and job satisfaction, and find a person to take over as Director of Marketing before I leave.

For now, no longer available. 

One: I Seek.
A firm that can leverage my skills, experience, and seniority to increase their influence and profitability.

Two: My Ideal Scenario.
Leading a team, enabling them to succeed and grow, solving a persistent and vexing problem. Traveling to meet and work with leaders anywhere.

Three: I Am.
Creative, resourceful, intuitive, and a visionary. I lead with compassion and understanding. I model the behavior I expect from my staff. I am gracious, patient, transparent, and supportive of others along their paths. I respect authority and engender respect. I am a systems thinker with a strong understanding of technology, design, communications, and marketing.

Four: I Have Done Many Things.
Army Officer – Research & Development
Search Consultant
Sales Manager – Digital Printing
Account Manager – Software Startup
Consulting Group Manager
VP, Interactive Marketing
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Director/CMO – Higher Ed

Career details available on my résumé: Stephen Dill-Senior Digital Strategy Leader-2017.

Contact me at or text/call 339-364-1105.